IMPORTANT: Submit your hotel bookings before 25th of April


Important: The preliminary deadlines for hotel accommodations was 10th of April. By that time only a few teams made their reservations. After negotiating with the hotels our agency managed to extend the deadline when unused hotel quotas has to be freed. The deadline has now been extended to Thursday 25th of April.

The hotel situation in Lahti is quite difficult and the hotels are urging us to free unused hotel quotas, else we have to pay for them regardless if they are used or not. If you intend to use our official hotels, we urge you to submit your preliminary hotel booking as soon as possible, but not later than Thursday 25th of April. After that date we have to let go of our unused quotas and cannot guarantee accommodation.

Hotel bookings can be made using the form which can be found on the ISSF internet site or on this site from here or by filling the form that also can be found here.