Gun Permits

Custom Formalities / Temporary Import of Firearms and Ammunition

Athletes travelling with valid European Firearms Pass (EFP) do NOT need any additional permit to import guns and necessary ammunition into Finland. Citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland can enter their guns and ammunition with their national gun permit. Any EU citizen not in the possession of an EFP for the gun and possible extra barrels they intend to use are urged to acquire one. A temporary gun permit is needed for all guns not registered in the EFP.

ALL OTHERS (non-EU and non-Nordic citizens) need to apply for a temporary gun permit. ONE permit for the whole national team. This permit can be acquired by filling the application form that can be downloaded from here and submit it to the Organizing Committee accompanied with the necessary attachments (passport copies and national gun permit copies) by email to

One form per federation even if members of the team are arriving at separate times. If one form is not enough for your team, please fill as many forms as needed. The OC will apply for one group permit for each federation. Please read the instructions carefully on the OC website. The fee for a group permit is 31.00 EUR  (note: new price from Jan 2019, prior price was 30 EUR) which is the same as for an individual permit. The gun permit includes the right to import all necessary ammunition at the time of arrival. No separate permit is needed for ammunition as long as it is brought with the athletes. A copy of the issued temporary permit will be emailed to the federations contact person who should issue all separately travelling part of the team with copies. A copy of the permit will also be sent by the OC to the customs at the point of entry into Finland.

Any changes in an already issued temporary gun permit is by the authorities considered a new application and will cost 31.00 EUR. (Note new price from Jan 2019, prior price was 30 €.)

Any importing of ammunition by using a freight company should be done according to the freight company’s instructions. Ammunition can also be purchased at the range.

NOTE: Regardless of EFP or temporary gun permit ALL GUNS must be declared (shown) at the customs at the point of entry into Finland! We strongly advice choosing the red line in the customs with guns and ammo. Choosing the green line could result in criminal charges and confiscation of guns and ammo.

NOTE ALSO: No gun permits can be obtained at entry into Finland, regardless of entry point.

NOTE ALSO: Temporary gun permits issued to another EU country are NOT valid in Finland.


Deadline for returning the gun forms via email to is 10 JUN 2019.