Visa information


Anyone who requires an Entrance Visa into Finland should contact the appropriate embassy, consulate or Visa agency at your location to obtain the Visa prior to arrival in Finland.

ISSF Member Federations that require an Official Invitation Letter for applying for a Visa, please fill in the Visa Support Form (Annex 7) that can be downloaded from here and return it to the OC as soon as possible, but preferably not later than 10 JUN 2019.

This form must be typed clearly readable on PC. The Invitation Letter will be made in English and emailed back to the federation who is responsible for presenting it to the visa authorities. Upon request a copy can be sent to the appropriate authority.

If you are uncertain if you need a visa for entering Finland or where to obtain one, please check at our foreign ministry’s website

NOTE:  Visa for entering Finland cannot be obtained at the border. All visa must be applied for in advance.

NOTE ALSO: Neither the Finnish Shooting Sport Federation nor the OC has any influence on the issuing of visas nor can we speed up processing time for late applicants. We have however sent the Finnish foreign ministry’s visa department adequate information regarding the World Cup.

NOTE ALSO: We will only issue Official Invitation Letters for the duration of the World Cup (plus a few days at both ends, if needed for travel purpose) unless prior agreement for training camp or other acceptable reason. Due to misuse attempts, we will not issue Official Invitation Letters to parties others than those recognized by their corresponding national federation.